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A Couple of Things We Want  You to Know About Us

In the Beginning...

We started Clarion Homes back in May of 1999, our mission was to give home buyers the freedom to customize our house plans to help them create their dream home. Tract Housing developments forced people to settle on a house, all because it was easier for the developer.


The definition for the word Clarion;  a medieval trumpet with clear shrill tones that are loud and clear.

That's what we wanted everyone to know, and we wanted to make it LOUD and CLEAR. Easier doesn't make it better, it just makes it easier.

Why should a home buyer have to settle? There is a better way to build their dream home, and it starts with Clarion Homes. Now 24 years later, we are still building customized homes, which has become a family business.  Working together, we provide quality craftsmanship, integrity, open transparency, and clear communications, so our clients understand every step of the process. We aim to build a home for your family that our family would be proud to live in.    

Custom Homes:

We are custom home builders, which means that we can customize our plans to fit your needs, or we can build your plans. We have lots, and we have plans, but that doesn't mean you can only build if you buy one of our lots and that you have to use one of our plans. As stated earlier, we have been in business since 1999; there is a reason we have been able to be in business for that long. Quality workmanship, we work with you sometimes on a daily basis to get things the way you want them, and we stand behind what we build. 

Contact us to learn more.

Meet the Team

Johnny Johnson Round.png

Johnny Johnson

Visionary - Patriarch

Rachel Teal Round.png

Rachel Teal

The Integrator - Daughter

Travis Johnson round.png

Travis Johnson

The Enforcer - Production Mgr - Son

Eric Skinner Round.png

Erik Skinner

Mr. Detail - Nephew

Brandon Delaney Round.png

Brandon Delanay

Mr. Fix it - Family Friend

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